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Sorry, we're temporarily off-line until next April 2015...

Thanks to all our 'friends' (old and new) in 2014

...Meanwhile you can continue to LISTEN to our very own RADIO, unique to The Bar...

CLICK on the audio control below - you can adjust the volume and turn the sound on/off

Sometimes we are pointing the camera towards Babadag mountain, sometimes into the bar. What you get is what you see.

When it is 'live' in the bar itself you can see just what you're missing!

Occasionally there will be sound (subject to certain times and permission).




NB: Although the webcam is off for the winter, when it comes back in the spring of 2015 you might need to read the comments below . . .

Thanks to forum members, Codger (technical guy), Brian (who does everything else) and Thomas (Cubana Bar), The Bar has its own webcam which should be displayed above. It covers the Meet-ups and its regular evenings' entertainment. Over the last few days (April 2014) Codger has been working above and beyond the call of duty as the bar webcam was moved from its winter home to its summer home. Without his expertise and Brian's help it wouldn't have been possible. Thanks, Guys.

The camera video is a "flash" stream and should display on most PCs, laptops and other devices. Firefox and Chrome etc., should be fine, however Internet Explorer (IE) may require you to download Adobe Flash or ActiveX. Also certain tablets such as iPads may require you to install a "flash" browser 'app' which can be downloaded from your own 'App-Store'.

NB: Regretfully, the Internet service in this area of Turkey is not as good as perhaps you may be used to in your own country. There may be times when the video may 'stutter' and not flow smoothly. This is sometimes noticeable especially in the evenings when there is much demand for Internet services. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this as it is totally dependant on the bandwidth which the Turkish ISPs make available.

The Bar is one of the newest bars in the village. Opened in late May. 2013, owner, Ibo, is seen here with customer #4, Sharen Crane.

Since this photo was taken Ibo's The Bar has seen a huge increase in customers and is busy and thriving well.

The Bar is a family run bar with Ibo and his wife Farrah. Ibo has been working in and around Hisaronu for several years and is well known in the area.

The Bar is situated on the quieter side of Hisaronu on the Kaya Road .. and it's fast getting a reputation as a fun music bar.

There are two settee areas in the bar for just lounging around on (you might spot them in the image to the left) . . . giving it a home from home feeling.


Wednesday nights are the best nights to meet up with other forum members where you can get together, have a drink or two and enjoy the evening's entertainment.

For details and dates see

Hisaronu The Forum, or Forum Facebook page.


Forum Meet-ups Every Wednesday During The Season


It's a great place to meet up, not just with Forum members but anyone, friends, family or just pop in for a drink and rest . . perhaps even a bite to eat.

An all day breakfast and bar snacks are available throughout the day.

Ice cream cocktails are The Bars speciality, you and the kids could have a cocktail each. The choices are yours.



Relax on the the comfy red sofas and take in the atmosphere. Order a drink or two or something to eat.

Whatever you choose to do at The Bar you'll have a great time and during the times the webcam is live you can show friends and family back home what they are missing.

And on the nights that sound is added they'll also hear the music and laughter that you will be enjoying in your local-from-home.

As well as the weekly, Thursday night, 60`s, 70`s 80`s and 90`s music night there will be a weekly quiz coming soon.

The forum meet ups are weekly on a Wednesday night.

A "specialist" entertainment night is sometimes available .. keep a look out on his boards outside for dates and times of these .. these specialist nights could be from a Turkish Belly Dancer to a Fire Dancer!

You will always be made welcome at The Bar, and when the evening is over, if you've missed the last dolmus home, don't fret, Ibo does a free drop off for his regular customers, once he gets to know you.


So, if it's a relaxing drink or a night of hectic dancing and singing or a sit down and a chinwag with friends or simply a game of backgammon, The Bar is the place for you.





The Bar Contact Details

Phone 05335 666 657
Email Send a PM via Facebook, please.
Web Page tba

The Bar official page on Facebook

And our new Group: The Bar - and nothing but The Bar

Click here for the village map




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